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Smart parking 

  • Each parking space is equipped with a battery powered occupancy sensor that can detect the absence, arrival, presence, and departure of a vehicle.
  • The sensors are self- provisioning with a unique MAC address assigned to each unit that is associated with its serial number and bar code.
  • The units can run up to 10 years and require no external wiring to install.
  • When an occupancy sensor detects vehicle activity, its LoRa transceiver sends the change in status to any wireless Internet gateway within its range.
  • The gateway can be part of a private LoRa network or a node in a public LoRaWAN service provider.
  • The gateway forward the packets to SSTPL Parking Cloud Service application that can reside on server.
  • This turnkey parking management solution uses the sensors messages to keep track of open and occupied spaces.

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