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About Sehaj Synergy Technologies - LoRa WAN


LoRa is a highly secured wireless technology developed to create the low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) required for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We are the first company who has developed the LoRa network ecosystems end device & network in India. This network will be dedicated IoT applications & devices.

OUR IOT VISION: SSTPL will be the indian core for connected cost effective, innovative approaches towards the betterment of society.

Key Features of the SSTPL LoRa WAN

  • • Long Range

  • • Multi Service Capability

  • • Highly Secured

  • • Low Energy Consumption


How SSTPL can help you with your IoT journey


  • • Network Solution and provisioning: sehaj synergy - LoRanetwork will provide you with the network foundation that will connect your devices to your applications.

  • • Device integration and deployment: sehaj synergy will manufacture your LoRa enable devices.

  • • Solution design: Architect your loT solution on a node-to-applications basis ensuring optimal performance.

  • • Management and support: Monitor, administer and support the solution on an end-to-end basis.


WHAT MAKES SehajSynergy Technologies - LORA NETWORK UNIQUE?

India has not seen too many large-scale IoT solutions, despite having a large ecosystem of solution providers end system integrations.

The missing piece is a network that is suited for M2M communications that drives the internet of Things. Over the last few years, loT solutions have been implemented on traditional networks such as 2G, 3G or 4G Also the devices themselves have had to rely on a local power supply and local relay such as a smartphone or an internet box. This has rendered IoT solutions implemented in India largely unsuccessful, both technically and commercially.

• IoT devices have 4 characteristics:

  • • They operate in extreme environments

  • • They communicate over long ranges( 5 km to 9 km )

  • • They have low power requirements

  • • They have low throughput requirements

• Theretors, IoT solutions require Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) that operate across long ranges. SSTPL - LoRa network is an LPWAN that is dedicated to loT networks.


About SSTPL, Founded in 2015 ....

  • • a startup

  • • team of young telecom & software professionals

  • • developing an ecosystem for the internet of Things.

  • • to bring disruption in the M2M space of india.

  • • to develop low cost end side sensors and devices.

  • • Strong R&D Department in house .


The Future of loT is hare...

We deliver solutions which are global...

We aim to connect cities...

We design to connect machines...