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As we are a team of highly trained and experienced embedded professionals ,as per the requirement,we develop and customise the products according to it and provide support 24X7 throughout the tenure.

LoRaWAN Network Server

LoRaWAN® is a highly secure IoT network and there is no risk found related to data security. For some customers who want to keep their data private, a Captive LoRa® Network Server is proposed.

Sensor Integration

With a normal sensors multitude approach, a trail of sensors should be created and constantly maintained, or a specific node connected to power and network sockets should take care of forwarding the data.

LoRa Integration

Any data transmission though 2g,3g,4g can be replaced with, we have many long-range, low-cost wireless sensor devices at our disposal that enable us to create efficient Internet of Things (IoT) networks.