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PicoLINK Series Outdoor LoRaWAN® Gateway (Without Battery)

26,500Rs. (Price without taxes)

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PicoLINKGTW-IDV1 is a compact, low-cost, low-power wide area network (LPWAN) wireless Gateway which supports Semtech LoRaWAN® long-range wireless protocol.
Specs Group Key Item Detailed Specs

System Configuration
Core ARM11 Single-core 32-bit v6
Clock Frequency 1 GHz
On Board Memory 32 GB

Baseband SX1303
RF Front End SX1250
Max RF Transmit Power Up to +27 dBm
Receive Sensitivity Down up to -141 dBm on SF12 & 125KHz Channel BW
SNR Sensitivity up to -20 dBm
Frequency 865-867 MHz (ISM Band India)
No. of Channels 8 Channels, 125 KHz per Channel
Spread Factor SF7-SF12
Data Rate 250 - 5470 bits/sec
LoRa Antenna Port Enclosure Mount Antenna

Internet Backhaul
Wired USB for Interface Only
WiFi Limited Coverage
Cellular 4G LTE
Cellular Antenna Port Not Available (Internal Antenna Used)

Power Supply
Default 12V DC
Inbuilt Battery Optional (8 Hour Backup for full Utilization,24 Hrs standby)
Power Consumption 4.5W Typical, MAX 7.5W (4.5W Typical, Max 15W for Batt)