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Smart wearable

  • Health is a major aspect of life and determines the quality of life. In addition, healthy citizens are more productive and directly influence a country's economy.
  • Thus, for citizens to not get deprived of primary care, it is important to have a proper health monitoring system. For creating such health monitoring system, making use of Internet of Things (IoT) can be the best solution.
  • Fog computing services can be provided to IoT by creating local servers and making use of some computers. Various wireless connectivity solutions being developed have finally given IoT the ability to communicate with each other easily.
  • One such connectivity solution is the Long Range (LoRa) radio which lets IoT communicate over long range with low energy consumption. In this paper, an architecture for smart health monitoring system is proposed and is implemented by creating a basic testbed.
  • The system is an application of IoT deploying LoRa wireless communication under fog computing, benefitting the system with both the qualities of LoRa and fog computing.
  • The test results show that the proposed system can be promising for changing the clinic-centric health system to smart patient-centric health system and for providing seamless health services to all.