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LoRa enabled Street Light Controller(LCU) (without energy meter)

4,200Rs. (Price without taxes)

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The controller having feature to control street light through ambient light, commands, scheduling etc. With these features this retrofit street light controller makes street light smarter. This controller has LoRa module, through which this controller makes two way communication.
Gateway will work as a mediator between Street light controller and LNS. A user can send command to street light through application to control street light. This controller has unique MAC address through which we can mapping with location. Size of controller is 80mm X 80mm X 55mm
Frequency range 865 to 867 MHz
Modulation LoRa® Spread-Spectrum
RF output power Up to 20 dBm
Receiver sensitivity -137 dBm (SF 12; SB 125 kHz, CR 4/6)
RF data rate 0.24 to 5 kbps
RF range up to 5000 m (line of sight)
Operating voltage  3 V to 3.7 V, Separate 5V option
Current consumption < 10 μA (module in sleep, RTC running)
23 mA (Rx)
123 mA (Tx mode)
Interfaces  UART, SPI, I2C
Interfaces Digital IOs
Analog Inputs  
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions 122mm*125mm*75mm