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LoRa enabled Smart Tracker

4,000Rs. (Price without taxes)

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LoRa-based modules which are wearable are installed in employee id cards, then tracked and monitored via sensors.
LoRa-based gateways are installed about one per square mile, or further if it is a large space.
LoRa-based gateways gather information from the sensors and can be provided by a private or public LoRaWAN network provider.
Cloud-based software is configured to collect all Employees data and track it permanently.
This information is stored long-term, handled by a Cloud-based software provider, and accessed via the web, mobile devices, desktops, and tablets.
Employees are now visible in real-time and can be located in seconds with a smart phone
SOS alert inform of downlink and uplink can be given from both sides.
it has rechargrable batteries can be charged via usb port.If GPS not available then it works on dead reckoning. gps gathers lattitude,longitude and values.