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Edge Computing

  • Increased automation and intelligence in computer systems have revealed limitations of Cloud-based computing such as unpredicted latency in safety-critical and performancesensitive applications.
  • The amount of data generated from ubiquitous sensors has reached a degree where it becomes impractical to always store and process in the Cloud.
  • Edge computing brings computation and storage to the Edge of the network near to where the data originates yielding reduced network load and better performance of services.
  • In parallel, new wireless communication technologies have appeared to facilitate the expansion of Internet of Things (IoT). Instead of seeking higher data rates, low-power wide-area network aims at battery-powered sensor nodes and devices which require reliable communication for a prolonged period of time. Recently, Long Range (LoRa) has become a popular choice for IoT-based solutions. 
  • we explore and analyze different application fields and related works which use LoRa and investigate potential improvement opportunities and considerations.
  • Furthermore, we propose a generic architecture to integrate Edge computation capability in IoT-based applications for enhanced performance.